Have you ever woken up and thought – Ugh, I don’t want to go to work today?  Work can be less than pleasant at times, however there are many benefits to having a positive attitude at the office.

Choosing your attitude – positive or negative?

Your attitude is a form of expression of yourself.  You can choose to be happy, positive and optimistic, or you can choose to be pessimistic and critical, with a negative outlook on your workday.  A positive attitude helps you cope better under stressful situations at work.

Workplace attitudes have an effect on every person in the organisation, from the employees to the clients and even the company owner.  Attitudes help to develop the prevailing workplace environment that determines employee morale, productivity and team building abilities.

A negative attitude in the workplace creates an atmosphere of distrust among employees and causes employees to attempt to achieve success at the expense of each other.  On the other hand, in a workplace with a positive attitude, competition is seen as a motivator that inspires employees to perform at their best to improve productivity, and encourages creativity so they feel that their ideas will contribute to the success of the organisation.

What are the advantages and benefits of a positive attitude in the workplace?

There are many advantages of a positive attitude at work, and some of the advantages and benefits are:

  • Creates a positive environment
  • Helps to Achieve Goals and Career success
  • Stress reduction and management
  • Better health
  • Less sick days
  • Increases productivity levels
  • Produces more energy
  • Improves customer relations
  • Makes for better leadership skills
  • Improves teamwork
  • Improves decision-making
  • Overcomes Challenges
  • Improves motivation for yourself and others
  • Improves Interpersonal Relations
  • Improves the attitude of other employees
  • Increases self-esteem and confidence in yourself and others
  • Reduces the number of obstacles and difficulties you will encounter

If you want outstanding results, you need good people with great talent and awesome attitudes.  When attitudes go up, so does the potential of the team.  When attitudes go down, the potential of the team goes with it.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

So when you hit that brick wall whilst trying to maintain a positive attitude, remember you are the one with the power.  You can decide to live a positive life, see the good in any situation, and work to resolve conflict in a reasonable and stress-free way.  So don’t sweat the small stuff.  Remember to keep your chin up, smile as much as you can, and remind yourself that life is only as good as you make it.

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