Body language during the interview plays a very important role in making or breaking your career. The expression “actions speak louder than words” holds very true, especially during job interviews. The way you present yourself leaves a significant impact on your interviewer.

Everything – right from your outfit to your hairstyle, accessories, and all other things you might be carrying – are judged! From the moment you enter through the company’s front door, you’re perceived with different opinions by different people.

Following are some useful tips for you to ensure you have a perfect body language to leave a good impression.

Eye Contact

Body language during the interview should have you make eye contact with the other person. One of the most vital aspects of your body language during the job interviews, making and maintaining eye contact is a must. It not only shows you’re actually paying attention to your interviewer but also suggests your engagement with the situation.

However, that doesn’t mean you pointlessly keep staring at your interviewer. But you may try to hold eye contact for a couple of seconds at a time. If you’ve to face more than one interviewer at once, address to the person who asked the question, but be sure to make eye contact with each one of them.

Sit up straight

Again, sitting up straight in your chair gives an automatic signal of confidence and reliability. It is recommended not to slouch forward or backward, as such a position suggests you have a very casual and “not-really-bothered” attitude.

If you’re unable to sit straight, try pulling up yourself from the head. Push down on your shoulders and maintain a steady balance of your upper body while sitting should be your body language during the interview. 

Carry the upright straight posture from the moment you arrive in the reception area. When you’re asked a question, lean forward a bit to show your curiosity and engagement.

Hand gestures

Job interview body language suggests making use of your hands by way of subtle gestures. Hand movements like touching your fingertips, clasping palms, and moving your fingers as you speak – are signs of honesty and openness. You can also try resting your hands in your lap at a time.

Clenching fists and waving hands while speaking opines you’re nervous and unpredictable. Biting your nails during the interview is a strict no-no as it’ll make you seem nervous and distracting at the same time.

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Avoid touching your face

Candidates who touch their face frequently are considered to be dishonest and untrustworthy. Touching the face in the form of playing with one’s hair or rubbing nose is not considered as a good body language technique.

Similarly, rubbing your head or neck makes the other person think of you being bored or not interested. Crossed arms and legs make you look unapproachable and defensive. Instead, keep your shoulders relaxed and facing the interviewer to show your involvement in the interview.  


Wherever and whenever appropriate, improve body language during interview and do smile so that there’s positivity in and around the interview room. Smiling once at a time also shows you’re comfortable with the flow of the interview. Maintain a fairly balanced smile – neither too timid to seem timid or too exaggerating to seem ridiculous.

It is explicitly understood that you should listen attentively and try not to interrupt the interviewer. If possible, laugh when the interviewer does while saying something catchy or offbeat. That would mean you’re all ears and attentive to what’s being said.

Stay at one spot

Precisely, from your fingertip movements to your legs, try and keep yourself at one spot. Otherwise if you keep fidgeting, it maybe comprehended as you’re getting bored or impatient with the interview process. This way you’ll not only have your posture straight but your focus would be on the interviewer and not elsewhere. It’ll help you seem more focus and interested in the session.

Mirror image

Last but not the least, be the mirror image of your interviewer. It is one of the best job interview body language tips to do as the other person does. Well, but that does not mean you purposely imitate your HR manager and have the entire process backfired.

Match with their positive body language so as to quickly get in the good books of the interviewer. However, do so carefully so that you’re not too bold or showy that you’re trying to “copy” them. Nod if they nod, or subtly shift posture as they do to share a common body language.

The most important thing is to be respectful and professional personal attitude towards the interviewer. Right from the initial hello handshake to the graceful goodbye, show dignity towards the other person to earn brownie points.

Quick pointers:

  • Sit straight and tight in your chair
  • Have and maintain passive eye contact
  • Occasionally use hand gestures to express yourself
  • Improvise on your posture – no slouching
  • Nod your head as you’re listening

Follow the above simple yet effective job interview tips to have that perfect job you’ve always dreamt of!

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