Human Resource function plays critical role while setting up new business. As companies grow, it becomes difficult to juggle with Hiring employees with excellent key skills, employee benefit, changing organization structure and inter office conflicts.

Human Resource as a department oversee various aspects of organization as whole and development of employee in an organization and ensure that workflow stays smooth and every employee stay updated with organization policy and requirement, to improve employee engagement, personal development and productivity

Basic HR Function:

  • Recruitment & Onboarding
  • Employee Engagement
  • Performance Management
  • Training & Development
  • Employee Statutory Compliance and Payroll

Why HR as a function is important?

While company leaders and front-line managers support employees and help them achieve goals, HR takes a holistic view to ensure right talent with required skill sets which will be aligned to organization goals.

As Business grows, Leaders find it difficult to deal with day to day people management and there comes a role of Human Resource Team. The importance of HR management is also demonstrated in all the ways HR supports the needs of employees at various stages of their career. HR ensures employees have the tools, resources, and leadership they need to perform to their potential, which is no small feat when you consider that each employee has different needs in the workplace.

In recent times, HR has gone from its traditional ‘fire and hire’ and has diverted their focus more on employee engagement, management, and all the different aspects of an organization. They have evolved according to the changes that have revolved around them and this has contributed to business Turnover rates.

Role HR played In Pandemic:

Coronavirus had forced us to re evaluate the way business was functioning, It has challenged the business module and working culture which had impacted the financial and mental stability of employees in an organization which has forced Human Resource to play Vital Role to ensure mental stability of employees is been addressed.

From supporting managers with remote management skills, to deploying liquid policy for smooth process and gaging performance management and to sensitively communicating the consequences of a downturn in business, HR played a crucial role for effective management of a business during a pandemic.

They have come up with Virtual engagement and communications tools to reach employees and ensure the mental health of employees is addressed. This has given a new challenge to HR Role to reach employees and address employee satisfaction and grievance and ensure business does not gets impacted. Human Resource has indeed been the Heart of organization.

Main Function of HR:

  1. Recruiting and Onboarding –

The first and foremost thing that we can think of is how HR helps organizations to conduct interviews without any hassle. From finding and connecting with candidates to further holding the interview process smoothly needs patience and understanding. HR professionals do it quite efficiently and effectively. And the crucial part is to select the right candidate, which can benefit the organization.

Furthermore, after the selection process is done, onboarding becomes a vital step. A smoother onboarding process will lead to new employees understanding their goals and objectives. A positive onboarding will hugely impact a recruit in terms of their productivity and how well they can adapt. With a good HR team recruiting and onboarding become more straightforward and less complicated.


  1. Employee Engagement –

Though an estimated one in every three employees is not engaged, perhaps more than any other department. Your engagement efforts are likely to go in vain if your employees are not satisfied. There might be numerous factors that hamper the satisfaction levels. And it all comes down to the HR department to get to the root of it so that necessary countermeasures can be taken.

Once they find the reasons why employees are not satisfied with their work, the HRs can take it up to the higher authorities.HR also addresses employee satisfaction by helping managers become more effective leaders. HR connects managers with coaching, training, and valuable feedback that equips them to lead their teams and support their people.


  1. Performance Management and Training –

Performance management helps to address the skill sets gaps that enables employee to move to next level. Due to performance Management the gaps are been addressed and employees are put across required training modules so that they are prepared for next role. It helps them with opportunity to grow and develop themselves.

HRs collaborate with other departments and try to achieve the necessary training sessions based according to their needs. Helping everyone to enhance their skillset and get better results. Comprehensive training and personal development help strengthen any weak links in the company (including managers). Investing in your employees strengthens your organisation and gives your business a competitive edge.


  1. Building Smooth Business Communication –

Communication is vital not only for our daily interactions but also for a smoother workflow within the organization. And an organization that communicates frequently work better together, collaborate well, and it portrays unity. To ensure that these practices are going well without any gaps, HR professionals keep track of it and the way communication occurs in a business is defined by HR. They make sure that a constant communication channel is maintained. If there is any discrepancy in any channel, then they quickly respond to fix it and thus, help the workforce to connect well and maintain a positive work environment.


  1. Employee Benefits –

Providing employees with regular benefits is quite crucial in their retention. It is responsibility of HR professional to ensure that employees meet with their share of the benefits that they are entitled to.The HR department keeps track of all the employee benefits that have been handed out. They also come up with new strategies so that there is less expenditure and more unique benefits so that employees are satisfied with the organization. Enhancing engagement and productivity of the employees.

To conclude, Human Resource has to be Partner with business and Employees to improve the foundation of business and take it ahead in a positive way. HR is the core function which helps in shaping company culture, employee engagement, and managerial effectiveness.

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