Finding the right candidate and retaining employee is number one challenge faced by HR professional in an Organization. Management need to understand the health of their company culture and how employee perceive their organization. Employee feedback survey is the key tool for an organization to understand the employee needs and issues within an organization and come up with the suitable solution that will be beneficial for both the employee and the organization. It will seek employee feedback on critical engagement aspects to measure “Temperaments” of employee within the organization. It will help to understand employee engagement level, employee satisfaction and suggestion. It is a strategic tool for Leadership & Organizational development as the employee feedback is taken to identify the area of improvement & strength for organization and leadership role.

Creating regular surveys with prime focus on employee satisfaction will help the organization better to understand the employee wherein you gain an authentic, holistic picture of how engaged your employees are, that can be measured yearly with concreate data which allow organization to strategically plan for the future.

Importance of Employee Feedback Survey:

Feedback is to understand the pulse of employee working in organization and to have employee feedback survey is to understand employee emotional connection towards the organization that creates passion for work and performance. It is dedicating one cognitive, affective & Physical energy to work. Emotional Engagement means employee care about their work and their organization and they are not present to collect pay checks or next promotion.

Feedback is considered as corner stone for building positive change in organization, Feedbacks creates values which will help in understanding the pulse of employee in organization. It gives employee opportunity to voice their opinion.

It helps to identify individual, team and organization strength and challenges and aids to identify and build organizational capabilities

Strategy for Employee Feedback Survey:

The Ultimate strategy is to ensure positive employee feedback survey is to rightly engage employees which will help to attract and retain employees.

Employee needs to be made more involved within the organization then to make employee engagement terms just for Fun games and Activities, Outing and parties and seminar. When an employee is more involved in day to day activities and provided opportunity to exercise their autonomy work and are free from distraction which creates a direct impact and encourages the employees which result in passive acceptance of organization vales and objectives.

  1. Define Organization goals:  Providing strong strategy narrative about the organization, where it’s come from and where it’s going
  2. Employee Buddy Programme: Where the leaders assign and empower a buddy to employee and discuss the progressive of employee at frequent interval rather than controlling the staff.
  3. Hear me out: Giving employees opportunity to voice their concerns and opinion.
  4. Integrity:  Without integrity there is no trust, without trust there can be no employee engagement.

Measure for Conducting Employee feedback Survey:

Measuring Feedback accurately plays vital role and to implement the same we need proper planning. Typical approach for company to gauge the feedback is by conducting annual survey where employees are effectively asked various types of question to rate their engagement level within an organization. Depending on size of company two ethical method to conduct survey are mentioned below:

1) Face to Face Meeting: It is a simple and direct method of measuring employee pulse within organization as they give employee chance to discuss their level of motivation and what can be done to improve them. Suitable topics of discussion includes how employee view his/her contribution, Value the business, Relationship with another employee. Such discussion help managers to get a sense of how involved employee are in their own success and success for business.

2) Employee Survey: Employee Survey is the most widespread method adapted by many companies. They are designed by creating open ended questions for employees and gauged through Likert scale, which provides five options to each question: Strongly agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree and strongly disagree. Such survey will help measure different things such as Job satisfaction, Engagement, Happiness, Wellness and relationship at work.

Key Guidelines for designing Survey

  1. Identify Potential group of Employee/Departments/team who will take up the Survey
  2. Set TAT for completion of Survey
  3. Identify Goal to create Survey
  4. Have open ended Questions
  5. Keep Survey Anonymous
  6. Keep survey Short
  7. Avoid Leading and unbiased Questions
  8. Review Survey
  9. Action plan or Way forward on Survey

What can you measure with an Employee Survey?

Employee feedback will have the direct impact on the employee satisfaction and organizational growth. Employee surveys are valuable for learning about different topics which are concerned directly with the employee morale, involvement, and satisfaction with the company. It will aspire organization to promote open door policy, create a healthy & transparent culture and have a constructive criticism in organization.

What questions must be included in employee feedback survey?

While preparing an employee feedback form, you must be careful that questions completely cover the employee personal and organization satisfaction questions in an easy format, so that employee feels easier to keep their views out.

Some examples given below :

  • What is that you like the most in your job right now?
  • How much you fit into your role?
  • Is your manager approachable?
  • What is that you are not comfortable in your job right now?
  • How well you satisfied with your pay for the effect you contribute to the organization?
  • What’s your opinion on work matters to your coworkers?
  • How much your skills are utilized in this job?
  • How much do you feel that this job is developing your skills?
  • Do you see yourself in this organization after 2yrs?
  • How much contribution of yours do you feel in the development of an organization?
  • Do you find your work environment safe to work with?

How to succeed in getting accurate feedback from an employee?

When you have prepared enough questions to ask, then you must get the appropriate and maximum responses from the employee, so that it will actually serve the purpose of conducting a feedback. Employee Feedback data are leading indicators. One can conduct a survey and benchmark the result against another firm or industry.

 Quick 7 tips to make sure your employee survey is successful:

1.      Keep the Language Simple: The questions must be simple & Clear to understand without using complicated words. All questions must be in a human-readable format to get proper feedback.

2.      Keep Communication Live: During the Survey kindly check if Employee is comfortable and if all questions are well understood and if required explain the question to employee for better outcome of feedback.

3.      Avoid fiddle with the words: Keep the same words between different surveys from time to time. This ensures the stability of your work culture all the time.

4.      Use technology to your advantage: Using any online tools or software will be easy to make employee participate in the feedback process without the need for paperwork to do. And also, you can get results in a prompt and an accurate manner.

5.      Maintain Employees Confidentiality: You must ensure the employee details are confidential after the survey result and it should not backlash on employee for sharing accurate feedback. Because disclosing of their name in front of higher authority or the feel of losing a job. Employee wants the feedback they provided must be confidential to ensure honesty from an employee feedback.

6.      Unbiased Question: Prepare questionnaire that is unbiased and encourage employee to share accurate feedback for better results.

7.      Action Oriented or Way forward: The feedback coming from an employee must be taken strongly and implement with proper plan of action for better organizational results.

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