Established in 1962 with humble beginnings, they started life as the ”Industrial & Engineering Apparatus Company Pvt Ltd” founded by Dr Lele

Today, they function under two listed companies, Borosil Ltd, which consists of our consumer products and life sciences division, and Gujarat Borosil Ltd, which manufactures and sells solar glass.

Plan of action

“To be the most customer centric company in India”.

They believe that organizational values shape organizational culture and help guide daily decision making at every level. Which is why we have a detailed set of values and principles that we have collaboratively derived and that each member of the Borosil family subscribes to.

Our Solution

  • Recruitment for all the levels and Segments (Operation, Sales, IT, Marketing Backend, Accounts & finance etc.)
  • Understanding Companies Hiring Needs
  • Talent Pipeline
  • Passive Candidates
  • Initial interviews.
  • Salary negotiations.
  • End to end Coordination

Significant benefits

  • Help with employer brand
  • Extended reach – Some candidates are hard to find.
  • Focus on serving the client
  • Enable business growth & innovation

Future Plan for organisation

Ramp Up Productivity with professional knowledge and training.

Central Step

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