The promoter was running a chain of retail stores in Canada and the United States without any background of the salon industry in India.

Only after a lot of research, the company identified the pressing need of quality education and demand for the finest products that the world has to offer within the salon hair care segment. Through sheer hard work and a thirst to succeed, He created “BEAUTY ESSENTIALS” that eventually became one of the leading suppliers to salons in India.

Plan of Action

They stand for Prime Professional Beauty Essentials that help people Experience, Express and Emerge. Their success mantra has always been “TEACH AND SELL” and they have always been a solution-driven company. They want to become the biggest house of premium, exclusive beauty care branded experiences for professionals.

Our Solution – Support we provide

Being into the Wellness/Salon Profession Industry We Acquired the client for one of the topmost Event called “Professional Beauty”
  • Figure out what they need
  • Recruitment Process- Pan India
    • Sourcing
    • Reviewing
    • Scheduling of Interviews (F2F, Mobile and Video Interviewing)
    • Documentation
    • Background Check
    • Support in Negotiation for the closure of positions
  • Headhunting and Cold calling

Significant benefits

  • The biggest challenge for us and for them is that they were and they are looking for candidates from a similar industry but we have Successfully closed those profiles in the given TAT.
  • Based on our expertise and our working pattern, the company has shown us trust and have shared all levels of profile for all the segments like Admin, Sales, Commercial, Marketing, Backend and Operation ECT….

Future Plan for the organization

  Stay longer with the organization with our skills, knowledge and hard work.

Central Step

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